The need for DPOs will continue to grow significantly for the foreseeable future since the field of data protection and privacy rights is booming. Taking up a BA or BS degree in information security, computer science, or a similar field or at least an equivalent work experience in privacy, compliance, information security, auditing, or a related field will often be considered. This role will require the ability to quickly grasp company practices and policies that relate to the consumption and dissemination of personally identifiable information (PII).

☐ Our DPO is tasked with monitoring compliance with the UK GDPR and other data protection laws, our data protection policies, awareness-raising, training, and audits. ☐ We are not a public authority or body, but we know whether the nature of our processing activities requires the appointment of a DPO. As part of our privacy and data protection service portfolio, our experienced consultants can support you in all aspects of your organization’s requirements of a DPO. Ideally, a DPO should have excellent management skills and be able to interface easily with both internal staff at all levels and outside authorities. The right DPO will also ensure internal compliance and alert the authorities about instances of non-compliance, even if the company may be subjected to hefty fines. While there are not exact guidelines around the scale of data handling, most small businesses will not be required to hire a DPO unless their core focus is data collection or storage.

Data protection officer

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Most organisations that regularly handle, analyse, collect and process user data will need to appoint a DPO. The position is the main point of focus for all of the organisation’s GDPR activities. GDPR legislation says that Data Protection Officers (DPO) must be appointed by some companies. This refers to public authorities and companies that process large amounts of data. Lastly, data breaches can take place even if companies are doing everything „right.“ Laws such as the GDPR understand that data breaches happen.

Data Protection Officer (DPO): What it is, How it Works

The role of a data protection officer was formally laid out by the European Union as part of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under the regulation, all businesses that market goods or services to customers within the European Union and collect data as a result must appoint a data protection officer. The data protection officer keeps up on laws and practices around data protection, conducts privacy assessments internally, and ensures that all other matters of compliance pertaining to data are up-to-date.

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Which Companies Need Data Protection Officers?

At a minimum, a legal background is helpful for understanding and interpreting the complex legal requirements surrounding data privacy. In addition to knowing what the various laws and regulations say, a https://intuit-payroll.org/the-founders-guide-to-startup-accounting/ must also have knowledge about how these laws are interpreted and applied in case law. Here’s how the GDPR defines a Data Protection Officer, including what they do, their legal obligations, the post’s specific responsibilities and the skills they need. DPOs ensure that organisations comply with GDPR and don’t risk a breach of their responsibilities that could lead to heavy financial penalties (€20 million or 4% of the organisation’s global revenue – whichever is highest). The role of the GDPR data protection officer, including specific duties and which companies must appoint a DPO. The appointment of a DPO must of course be based on her personal and professional qualities, but particular attention must be paid to her expert knowledge of data protection.

DPOs also serve as the point of contact between the company and any supervisory authorities (SAs) that oversee activities related to data. By understanding the role, responsibilities, and workflow of the data protection officer, companies can establish hiring requirements to get the right person in the door. This in turn should help avoid regulatory fines and penalties while taking steps to better protect customers’ personal data. From a legal perspective, a DPO constantly monitors privacy compliance activities under the requirements of the GDPR and other global and state privacy legislation relative to their business activities. Failure to follow privacy laws can be costly, so companies will want to make sure they adhere to the requirements regarding data protection.


The right DPO will be both reliable and independent, with no prior commitments that would interfere with the monitoring responsibilities of the DPO role. The GDPR specifies that a DPO is required for public authorities, organizations that engage in large-scale systematic monitoring, or organizations that engage in large-scale processing of sensitive personal data. A Data Protection Officer is an intermediary between the company and its users, employees, and supervisory authorities in all matters related to personal data protection. The role of the officer is to oversee the company’s GDPR compliance, advise on the protection of personal data, and communicate with regulatory authorities and personal data subjects.

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